Wednesday, March 28, 2012

4WD in Sabah

Take the Trail less Travelled

Witness the Things Less Seen

Experience Imbak Canyon

The Canyon

Located 300 km southwest of Kota Kinabalu in the rugged heart of Borneo, little-known Imbak Canyon (300 is one of Sabah’s best-kept adventure secrets. Part of the vast Yayasan Sabah Forest Management Area, Imbak Canyon forms the critical ecological corridor linking Danum Valley to the east and Maliau Basin to the south.

Besides being one of Borneo’s most biodiverse destinations, the canyon also forms an ideal location for a variety of innovative, eco-conscious 4WD expeditions allowing highly controlled access into this otherwise untouched valley.


On this Ultimate 4W Driving in Sabah, you will head trough the real jungle of Imbak Canyon where most people don’t dare to go (only scientists and researchers have boldly sacrifices themselves just to see what this remote place has installed, that would probably mark a beginning of  a new scientific discoveries). Now is the time to reveal its secret and you too can be the first among your friends to join this once in a lifetime journey and take the challenge of driving in a rugged terrain.

The Rugged Journey

Expeditions starting from KK or Sandakan and meet at Telupid, passing throught Imbak village – the last outpost of civilization before the 2-3 hours off-road trip to Tampoi Base Camp. Imbak is accessible only by 4WD and undeniably remote.

Previous expeditions to Imbak were only possible overland, requiring immense planning and days of hard trekking, while now our 4WD expeditions allow you to reach the base camp while at the same time having the opportunity of trying self –driving, crossing through rivers and following the carefully planned specific route of muddy narrower off road tracks.

Tampoi Base Camp
Tampoi Camp is the temporary base of Imbak Canyon, which is open to researchers and visitors, hostel-type accommodation and camping ground where you will find very basic sleeping and dining facilities. The camp has living quarters for about 20 staff and open-aired bunk bed lodging for visitors.  Home-cooked meal and hot coffee are served at its simple-open restaurant where you will be mesmerized by the absolute beauty of the surroundings.

The Reward

Imbak Waterfall
About a 45-minute drive from the base camp, Imbak Falls is one of the highlights of the expeditions; previous expeditions required a 1-hour overland trek.

Discovered in 2004 by Raleigh International volunteers, the 120m, 20m-wide, 8-tiered waterfall is a spectacular sight to behold and a fine subject to photograph. Best described by Steve Backshall of Expedition Borneo as ‘a tumultuous waterfall that roared like Niagara one minute, and then two days later, dribbled like a small child who wants an ice lolly’.

From here it is also possible to visit the BB’s disused site at Big Belian Camp, which was the temporary scientific base used for cataloging samples and conducting research, situated under a canopy of 250 feet towering giant trees of the tropical world and surrounded by more than 60 medical plant species.

Other than BBC’s Big Belian Camp, Tampoi is surrounded by a network of newly-established hiking trails, allowing for direct access deep into the jungle for more exciting adventures.


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  1. The pictures are very refreshing in the eyes especially the falls. I stumbled upon your post and I'm glad I did. It happens that I know one place in darwin where rugged tour is also highlighted.( kakadu national park tour ) Anyway, great shots!